The Gutsy Boss Club by Becky Mollenkamp

The Gutsy Boss Club

Get deep, meaningful support from like-minded business owners in this low-cost, private, application-only community.

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Are you looking for a small, safe space to share the good, bad, and ugly about being your own boss? Looking for a supportive group of small business owners who "get it"? 

The Gutsy Boss Club is for you. 

• Journaling Prompts: Each month, Becky shares a new set of prompts to help you clear mental blocks that are keeping you stuck in place.

• Coaching Calls: Each month, Becky does a free 45-minute coaching call with one member live in the group so everyone can learn. Members can apply to be in the hot seat.

• Resource Library: Get access to an extensive vault of masterclasses and keynotes from guest experts. These videos put expert tactics, strategies, and mindset-shifting info. at your fingertips, so you can learn what you need, when you need it.

• Early Access: Members get first dibs on seats in Becky's limited-enrollment programs or other offerings.

There are also other fun events from time to time, like co-working sessions and group planning calls to map out more productive weeks.


This is the perfect community for you if…

√ You're sick of the free groups where everyone is just there to promote themselves or make themselves look good by making others feel bad. This is a vetted community (by application only) so you can trust it is filled with other progressive, authentic, supportive, and fun folx. Plus, the small fee keeps out the promo hounds and people who don't want to actively participate.

√ You don't feel Instagram-worthy enough to be in some of the membership spaces out there. Hello, who has spotless all-white furniture and never has dark circles under her eyes? We're a bunch of normal and ambitious folx.

√ You feel lonely as a business owner—even hardcore introverts miss the office chatter after a few months of silence. Being part of this community has saved so many members from burnouts and major meltdowns.

√ You love your partner and friends, but they don’t get it when you rant about overdue invoices, scope creep, or your gnarliest business fears. We truly care for each other AND understand the unique issues of running a business.

On the other hand, it's probably not the right place for you if you're closed-minded (we are a very inclusive, welcoming space), you're all about shaming and blaming others to make yourself feel better, or are stretched so thin that you know you'll never take advantage of the amazing features or community.


This is an application-only community. If accepted, you'll receive an email with a link to enroll.

We reserve the right to refuse membership to anyone who doesn't agree to the terms of this community (see application).

Member Testimonial

Hear why Sarah loves being a member...

You deserve to feel powerful and fulfilled.

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