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Own it Crush it VIP

An exclusive membership community for women entrepreneurs ready to own their authority and crush their goals.



Are you looking for a small, safe space to share the good, bad, and ugly about being your own boss? Looking for a supportive group of women who "get it"? Own it, Crush it: VIP is all that (and a bag of chips). 

• Monthly Themes: Each month we focus on a personal or professional development theme, including a keynote presentation from a guest lecturer, a book study, a group challenge, my best tips, and resources to put the idea into action.

• Planning Sessions: Start each month with focus and clarity. During our structured group planning calls, I will guide you through a structured process for mapping out your monthly goals and tasks. It’s time to have your most productive months ever!

• Accountability Pods: I assign each member of VIP to a small pod with 3-5 other members. You’re expected to check in with each other once a week to hold each other accountable for accomplishing the tasks you set out during our group planning sessions.

• Hot Seats: At a crossroads in your business and need to talk it out? Struggling with mindset blocks that just keep resurfacing? Get in the hot seat! Twice a month, I and other VIPers use our collective brainpower to help one member conquer a current business challenge.

• Co-Working Sessions: At least six times a month, I host virtual co-working sessions for an hour. It’s a chance to carve out time in your calendar for checking tasks of your to-do list, all with a little nudge of accountability if you need it.

• VIP Resource Library: Get access to a vault of masterclasses and keynotes from guest experts, each created exclusively for VIP. These videos put expert tactics, strategies, and mindset-shifting info. at your fingertips, so you can learn what you need, when you need it.

Imagine starting each month with a clear plan of attack, that you know will move you closer to your big-picture goals? Having a group of women checking to make sure you accomplish what you said you would. Getting access to incredible resources to help you shore up any weak spots. And always knowing where to turn when you get stuck, feel defeated, or otherwise need help?

Don’t miss this chance to get in VIP (doors only open three times a year—April, August and December).

Investment: $75/month

This is the perfect community for you if…

√ You don't feel Instagram-worthy enough to be in some of the membership spaces out there. Hello, who has spotless all-white furniture and never has dark circles under her eyes? We're a bunch of normal and ambitious women.

√ You feel lonely as a business owner—even hardcore introverts miss the office chatter after a few months of silence. Being part of the OICI VIP community has saved so many members from burnouts and major meltdowns.

√ You love your partner and friends, but they don’t get it when you rant about overdue invoices, scope creep, or your gnarliest business fears. We’re a group of caring women, who also happen to be experienced biz owners.

On the other hand, it's probably not the right place for you if you're completely closed-minded (we are a very inclusive, welcoming space), you're all about shaming and blaming others to make yourself feel better, or are stretched so thin that you know you'll never take advantage of the amazing features or community (of course, I'd argue that's a pretty big problem and VIP could help you finally tame that nasty to-do list).

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Becky Mollenkamp is the creator of the Own it, Crush it movement. With nearly 15 years of experience as a business owner, she helps women navigate the mindset and tactical struggles of self-employment. Through her courses, exclusive membership community, and group program, Becky has mentored hundreds of women to own and crush their boss status.