Course: Crush Your Goals by Becky Mollenkamp

Course: Crush Your Goals

Course: Crush Your Goals
Have all the ideas, but not sure what to do or when? Tired of spinning your wheels and wasting your time? Sick of bouncing from one shiny object to the next? Plagued by procrastination?

Stop the confusion and find clarity.
It’s time to Crush Your Goals!

Crush Your Goals: 4 Steps to Finding Focus & Avoiding Shiny Objects will help you ditch distractions, get laser focused on what matters most for your business, and finally come up with a plan of action.

This course includes 22 minutes of videos and an 18-page workbook. It will walk you, step-by-step, through getting your goals out of your head, onto paper, and turned into actionable plans. 

Here’s what you can expect from this course:

• Big-picture thinking: Too often, our “goals” are simply to-do lists made up of all the random tasks we think we *should* be doing. What gets lost in that is the *why* behind what we do. In this course, you’ll get in touch with your values, mission, and vision and how to use them to guide every decision.

• Clear structure: How do you decide which goals to pursue and when? It can feel totally overwhelming—leaving you trying to do everything and failing to finish anything. Not anymore. I’ll walk you through three frameworks for evaluating and prioritizing your goals so you can finally focus on what matters most.

• Plan of attack: Goals remain goals until they are backed by a plan of action. In this course, you’ll how to break down your big goals into a step-by-step action plan so you can effectively manage your time and get things done—one important goal at a time.

Get ready to set valuable, meaningful goals and create an action plan to turn them into reality.

What Others Are Saying

“As a multi-passionate, my mind was a hot, scattered mess before coming to Becky. With the help of her Crush Your Goals mini-course, I gained clarity and direction by defining my values, vision, and mission, and I crafted a plan to tackle all the things while staying true to my dreams. It is helping guide and inspire me to move forward and stay on track.” Brooke Golden
Brooke Golden
“Becky’s matrix exercises on prioritizing blew my mind. I’ve never seen a way to lay out my goals so strategically, so clearly. I came to this workbook because I needed a better vision for this next chapter of my business as I get back into the game after my maternity leave. This is JUST what I needed!” 

Melissa Camilleri
“This course was well worth 25 minutes of our time. We revisited our values, vision, rewrote our mission and came up with six SMART goals to work toward. This course helped us refocus with clarity. I love Becky’s style and this course is one of the many awesome things she’s created.” Jackie Oehlschlager

Jackie Oehlschlager

Hi, I'm Becky

Owning a business is hard. Being a woman is hard. Put them together, and it can feel downright impossible. Heap on noisy messages about “hustle” and “building a 6-figure business,” and it can be easy to just give up on entrepreneurship.

I’m Becky Mollenkamp, and I’m all about helping you own your authority as a badass boss and crush big goals—all while keeping it real. 

I’m a business coach for women entrepreneurs and founder of the Own it, Crush it movement. This is a fluff-free zone. There are no pie-in-the-sky promises, and I don’t believe in inspiration or motivation that makes someone feel less than.

I know this about you: You’re already amazing, already deserving of greatness, and already capable of achieving more than you ever thought possible. I’m just here to help you realize it.

With nearly 15 years of experience as a business owner, I help women navigate the mindset and tactical struggles of self-employment. Through my courses, exclusive membership community, and virtual coaching, I’ve coached thousands of women to own and crush their boss status.

What's included?

Video Icon 6 videos File Icon 1 file


2 mins
Course Workbook (Download Now)
3.06 MB
Lesson 1: Create Your Business GPS
6 mins
Lesson 2: Set + Filter Goals Like a CEO
4 mins
Lesson 3: How to Prioritize Your Goals + Know Exactly What to Do Next
5 mins
Lesson 4: Craft an Action Plan to Make Things Happen
3 mins
Final Thoughts
2 mins

You deserve to feel powerful and fulfilled.

As a certified business mindset coach, Becky Mollenkamp helps her clients dream and play bigger, while also finding contentment in the here and now. Learn more at