The Gutsy Boss Club resource library by Becky Mollenkamp

The Gutsy Boss Club resource library

Own It, Crush It VIP


The Own It Crush It VIP Club is here! Led by business mentor Becky Mollenkamp, OICI VIP is a portal for learning best practices and for developing a strong network of biz besties. It's an investment in you (OWN your authority) and your business (CRUSH your goals).

Membership in OICI VIP is very limited. It's an intimate space where Becky will know every member's name. Also, keeping the community small allows members to really get to know each other over the course of three months. Real friendships and partnerships can blossom!

What's included?

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Monthly Goal Planning
Monthly Planning Pages (Download)
111 KB
CEO Seat September
46 mins
Journaling Prompts
1.63 MB
1.63 MB
Meet the Members
Angela Frizell
5 mins
Shweta Dawar
4 mins
Jackie Oehlschlager
5 mins
Melissa Lehman
7 mins
Jacqueline Hutchinson
6 mins
JoyLynn Anderson Waganer
Femy Praseeth
5 mins
Ann Marie O'Braskin
6 mins
Dr. Kristen Donnelly
Q&A September 2019
44 mins
Q&A August 2019
40 mins
Conquering Life Fright with Ella Glasgow
60 mins
Developing a Sales Mindset with Tonya Rineer
41 mins
Unreasonable Requests with Stephanie Burns
37 mins
Money Mindset with Jessica Eley
55 mins
Setting Boundaries with Stepha LaFond
46 mins
5 Tips for Fighting Imposter Syndrome
Banish Your Inner Critic (Workbook)
1.04 MB
CHALLENGE: Collect Praise
Book Recommendations
Spotify Playlist: Crush Your Inner Critic
Do Less in Business & Still Succeed (PDF Download)
1.09 MB
Ask Becky Anything
51 mins
CHALLENGE: Batching & Block Scheduling
To-Don’t List
5 Tools for Finding Focus
Peer-Led Masterminds with Becky Mollenkamp
50 mins
Hiring a VA with Sara Wiles
41 mins
Wholesaling with Amy Braswell
59 mins
Guide to Top Dropshippers from Amy Braswell
122 KB
Trademarks with Renée Reese
53 mins
5 Legal Musts with Kiffanie Stahle
48 mins
Running a Subscription-Based Business with Neosha Gardner
43 mins
Growth Plans with Lisa Robbin Young
49 mins
Mission, Vision, Values with Becky Mollenkamp
44 mins
Inbox Envy with Jordan Gill
47 mins
How to Find Focus with Ashley Knight
(1h 07m 40s)
Using OKRs to Plan Your Year with Becky Mollenkamp
(3h 45m 56s)
No-Sleaze Sales with Erika Tebbens
54 mins
How to Create a Minimum Viable Product with Becky Mollenkamp
46 mins
Using Content to Boost Authority Emily Cretella
59 mins
Value Ladders with Kristen Miller
38 mins
Ideal Client with Casey Gromer
51 mins
Closing with Confidence with Jaime Rowe
55 mins
Media relations with Christina Nicholson
44 mins
Branding with Shenee Howard
46 mins
Email List Building with Meera Kothand
49 mins
Lead Magnet Cheat Sheet from Meera Kothund
321 KB
How to Run an Engaged Facebook Group with Becky Mollenkamp
59 mins
Canva Basics Using the Free Edition with Cheryl Springer
43 mins
Facebook Ads with Sandra Scaiano
(1h 07m 18s)
Facebook Campaign Structure from Sandra Scaiano
228 KB
Facebook Pixel for Wordpress from Sandra Scaiano
1.38 MB
Facebook Pixel for Squarespace from Sandra Scaiano
1.12 MB
Instagram Captions with Melissa Camilleri
57 mins
Instagram Caption Templates from Melissa Camilleri
713 KB
Pinterest with Addi Ganley
57 mins
Pinterest Progress Tracker from Addi Ganley
699 KB
Pinterest with Alessandra Braun
42 mins
Slack with Angela Greaser
59 mins
YouTube with Trena Little
44 mins
Podcasting with Katie Krimitsos
60 mins
Email Nuture Sequences with Lesley Clavijo
48 mins
Sales Copy with Anna Frandsen
47 mins
Sales Copy Guidebook from Anna Frandsen
2.78 MB
Sales Emails with Jennifer Bryant Robbins
40 mins
Sales Page Copy with Melanie Sparks
57 mins
Website Copy that Connects and Converts with Prerna Malik
46 mins

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