Content library for members of OICI VIP by Becky Mollenkamp

Content library for members of OICI VIP

Own It, Crush It VIP

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The Own It Crush It VIP Club is here! Led by business mentor Becky Mollenkamp, OICI VIP is a portal for learning best practices and for developing a strong network of biz besties. It's an investment in you (OWN your authority) and your business (CRUSH your goals).

Membership in OICI VIP is very limited. It's an intimate space where Becky will know every member's name. Also, keeping the community small allows members to really get to know each other over the course of three months. Real friendships and partnerships can blossom!

What's included?

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Media Relations for Small Businesses
Media relations with Christina Nicholson
44 mins
Media Relations with Christina Nicholson audio only
44 mins
Branding with Shenee Howard
Branding with Shenee Howard audio only.m4a
46 mins
Branding with Shenee Howard.mp4
46 mins
Wholesaling with Amy Braswell
Wholesaling with Amy Braswell audio only.m4a
59 mins
Guide to Top Dropshippers.pdf
122 KB
Wholesaling with Amy Braswell.mp4
59 mins
Unreasonable Requests with Stephanie Burns
Unreasonable Requests with Stephanie Burns.mp4
37 mins
Unreasonable Requests with Stephanie Burns audio only.mp3
37 mins
Slack with Angela Greaser
Slack with Angela Greaser video.mp4
59 mins
Slack with Angela Greaser audio only.m4a
59 mins
Trademarks with Renée Reese
53 mins
5 Legal Musts with Kiffanie Stahle
Legal Musts.mp4
48 mins
Legal Musts audio only.m4a
48 mins
Podcasting with Katie Krimitsos
60 mins
Podcasts audio only.m4a
60 mins
Pinterest with Addi Ganley
57 mins
Pinterest audio only.m4a
57 mins
Pinterest Progress Tracker.pdf
699 KB
Subscription-Based Business with Neosha Gardner
Subscription Models.mp4
43 mins
Subscription Models audio only.m4a
43 mins
Email List Building with Meera Kothand
Email List Building.mp4
49 mins
Email List Building audio only.m4a
49 mins
Lead Magnet Cheat Sheet.pdf
321 KB
Facebook Ads with Sandra Scaiano
Facebook ads.mp4
(1h 07m 18s)
Facebook ads audio only.m4a
(1h 07m 18s)
Pixel for Wordpress.pdf
1.38 MB
Pixel for
1.12 MB
Facebook Campaign Structure.jpg
228 KB
Instagram Captions with Melissa Camilleri
57 mins
Instagram audio only.m4a
57 mins
Writing Sales Copy with Anna Frandsen
Sales Copy.mp4
47 mins
Sales Copy audio only.m4a
47 mins
Sales Copy Guidebook
2.78 MB
Money Mindset with Jessica Eley
Money Mindset.mp4
55 mins
Money Mindset audio only.m4a
55 mins
Growth Plans with Lisa Robbin Young
Growth Plans.mp4
49 mins
Growth Plans audio only.m4a
49 mins
Boundaries with Stepha LaFond
46 mins
Boundaries audio only.m4a
46 mins
Mission, Vision, Values with Becky Mollenkamp
Mission Vision Values.mp4
44 mins
Mission Vision Values audio only.m4a
44 mins

Own your authority, and Crush your goals!

Becky Mollenkamp is the creator of the Own it, Crush it movement. With nearly 15 years of experience as a business owner, she helps women navigate the mindset and tactical struggles of self-employment. Through her courses, exclusive membership community, and group program, Becky has mentored hundreds of women to own and crush their boss status.