CEO Mindset Bundle by Becky Mollenkamp

CEO Mindset Bundle

What's included?

CEO Day Workbook

Get 23 pages of worksheets and journaling prompts that will help you map out a vision and goals for your business like a CEO.

Course: Crush Your Goals

Have all the ideas, but not sure what to do or when? Stop the confusion and find clarity. This course will show you how. 

Master Your Mindset

A 5-part video series on how to make a mindset shift + worksheets and journaling prompts for developing a growth/abundance mindset.

Money Mindset Crash Course

Practical education and action steps to change your money mindset, so you can start attracting more than you ever thought possible.

Objectives & Key Results (OKR) Training

Learn how to use Objectives and Key Results to set and measure big-picture goals for your business.