2019 Planning Party (Dec. 19) by Becky Mollenkamp

2019 Planning Party (Dec. 19)

2019 Planning Party (Dec. 19, 9 am-12 pm CST)

What's included?

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Make a Mindset Shift

Break the patterns that keep you stuck. Achieve confidence, balance, clarity to push beyond your upper limits and create a business and life that is truly fulfilling. 


What's included?

CRUSH YOUR GOALS IN 2019! Start the new year with clarity about what you want to achieve, and confidence you can make it happen. 

[Did you know that only 3% of the US population has written goals? Did you know that those people are 10 times more likely to achieve them?]

Join Becky and other members of Own it, Crush it for a planning party. Working together, we’ll all create simple and effective plans that we can actually follow in 2019.

In this 3-hour virtual workshop, you will…

  • Reflect on what did (and didn’t) work in 2018
  • Set intentions for how you’ll feel and act in 2019
  • Identify your strategic business goals for 2019
  • Break your big-picture goals into quarterly objectives
  • Map out an action plan for reaching your Q1 objective

Becky will also share the reasons most of us never reach our goals (and how to avoid those mistakes). Plus, she’ll walk you through an effective planning process that you can use throughout 2019 and beyond. Finally, she’ll offer a few secrets for actually following your plan all year long.

End 2018 with a sigh of relief by clearly defining your 2019 goals and creating a clear plan for achieving them. This powerful workshop will give you breathing room to enjoy the holidays and return to work next year ready to take action.

Bonus: Stick around for a bonus 4th hour and map out a vision board for 2019. Becky will walk you through exactly what to include, how to find visuals, how to put it all together (digital and/or paper), and how to use it during the year.

When: Wed., Dec. 19th, 9 am-12 pm Central (Vision boards: 12-1 pm Central)
Where: Call will take place live via Zoom (replay available)
Cost: $50* (space is limited)
What to bring: Snacks (or lunch), drink (water, or it’s 5 pm somewhere!), pen or pencil, and a printout of the workshop workbook (to come via email a few days before the event)