Want to make more money? You must believe you can.

I'm Becky Mollenkamp and I help women just like you by offering a practical approach to personal and professional development. I help business owners clear the mental hurdles that keep them stuck, get clarity about their mission and offering, and map out a plan to level up.

Masterclass: How to Start & Run an Engaged Facebook Group

Learn best tips and tricks for starting and running a highly engaged Facebook group.

Masterclass: 5 Brand Storytelling Mistakes & How to Fix Them

This isn't a webinar disguising as a class. This is 30 minutes of focused education that promises to help you do a better job of telling your brand's story.

Masterclass: How to Start & Run a Peer-Led Mastermind

This isn't a webinar disguising as a class. This is 30 minutes of focused education that promises to help you start and run a peer-led mastermind.

Masterclass: How to Make Money Fast with an MVP (Minimum-Viable Product)

This isn't a webinar disguising as a class. This is 30 minutes of focused education that promises to help you learn how to make money fast by creating an MVP (minimum-viable product).

Masterclass Bundle ($10 discount)

Buy all 4 masterclasses and save $10.

30 Days to a Next-Level Mindset

Stop letting self-doubt, imposter syndrome, comparison-itis, or other negative thoughts hold you back. These 30 exercises will help you develop a next-level mindset that will finally allow you to break through to next-level results in your business.

The Own it, Crush it Playbook

Ready to ditch the confusion and finally feel confident about your business? This 55-page workbook walks you step-by-step through setting and prioritizing goals, pricing your services, identifying your niche and ideal client, writing messaging that works, and creating a killer content plan. It will be the best $27 you've ever spent on your business.

Course: Crush Your Goals

Have all the ideas, but not sure what to do or when? Sick of bouncing from one shiny object to the next? Stop the confusion and find clarity. This course will show you how.

Course: Money Mindset

Stressing over money isn’t fun. It hurts. It leads to arguments and definitely a few ulcers. The bad news is that you could struggle with money for the rest of your life. In fact, you probably know someone close to you who did just that. That doesn’t have to be you.  It’s possible to...be “lucky” with money, to find people who will pay that much for what you offer, to manage your money without pulling out your hair, and to have wealth and be a generous, kind human.    The truth is we have to do mindset work, if we want to grow and change.  Your brain is freaking powerful. That’s not woo. It’s science.  Ready to start working on your money mindset, so you can start attracting more than you ever thought possible? How does it work? Own It, Crush It: Money Mindset is a 28-day crash course delivered straight to your inbox.   After you sign up, you'll get an email each day to get you thinking differently about your relationship with money. In addition to education, there are plenty of activities to help you take action. Because I know you don’t want just another to-do, each email/activity only takes a few minutes to complete . You'll also receive an 18-page workbook , which you'll use daily to become more aware of (and grateful for) the wealth coming into your life.  As a bonus, you'll get access to a private Facebook community with me and fellow students. They "get" it and will be there to support you every step of the way.

Course: Leverage LinkedIn

Are you tired of chasing after the same solopreneurs and small business owners every other creative is pursuing? You know, people with small budgets and who you sometimes worry won't pay on time or (worse) at all? That rat race is exhausting.  Wouldn't it be liberating to land clients with bigger budgets and who are more likely to give you ongoing work for a little stability?  LinkedIn can help. It's the world’s largest online professional network with more than 500 million members. It's where decision makers for all the large (and most of the small) companies go when they need to hire help, including contractors. Too many entrepreneurs, especially creatives, dismiss LinkedIn as stuffy and useless to their business. But you might be surprised to learn just how many corporate clients are looking for creative help from the likes of writers, designers, illustrators, photographers, event planners, calligraphers, and more. If you're not using LinkedIn, you're missing out.  Stop leaving money on the table and start using LinkedIn to grow your business. This course will show you how. In my LinkedIn For Creatives course, you’ll learn how to: Set up a LinkedIn account Devise a keyword strategy for your profile Optimize your profile to increase your search rankings Customize your settings to get found Use the photos and graphics to make your profile more attractive Solicit recommendations from your peers Use content to stay top-of-mind with clients and prospects Decide what content to create and how to share it Find and make connections Move those relationships offline Join and participate in groups to build your network And there’s even more. This course includes nearly 40 minutes of videos, all broken into bite-size chunks so you can complete the program in short bursts. It makes it easy to follow along and update your profile as you go. There are also a few downloadable goodies and links to some helpful resources.

Own it Crush it VIP

Are you looking for a small, safe space to share the good, bad, and ugly about being your own boss? Looking for a supportive group of women who "get it"? Own it, Crush it: VIP is all that (and a bag of chips).